About the Owner

Rosemary Bedrosian Najjar grew up in Salem, NH, where she was taught how to cook classic Armenian and Lebanese recipes from her mother, grandmother, and aunts, learning the better parts of two ethnic worlds of cooking. Rosey became an entrepreneur at a young age, opening her own hair salon Sagittarius Concept in 1977.

After 13 years at Sagittarius Concept, Rosey decided to follow her passion for cooking and opened Rosey's Place where she offered breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as catering for 11 years. Rosey's Place held the "Best Breakfast" award for three years. In the spring and summer, Tuesday nights were known for "Cruise Night" hosting barbeque specials and fifties music. Rosey's also hosted a breakfast buffet for the yearly "hill climb" as part of bike week. Whenever there was a reason for a party Rosey was ready with yet another new idea. Catering was always a large part of the Rosey's Place business; Rosey enjoyed hosting events in the dining room as well as off-premise in client's homes. Now Rosey's eye for detail and reputation for quality are put to work catering full time with Gourmet Bites.

Rosey wants to follow her passion for cooking and to bring to you Gourmet Bites, specializing in Mediterranean and Classic American cuisine. She looks forward to helping you plan the perfect event and fulfilling all your catering needs, as you entertain your family and friends.